BIOMEOSTASIS is a company founded in 2010 by Drs Bruno BARIOHAY and Julien ROUX and its name, which reflects our focal points, is based on the association of "Biology" (study of living) and "Homeostasis" (in term of Energy Homeostasis, a concept known and commonly used in the field of nutrition).


BIOMEOSTASIS proposes its scientific and technical expertise to pharmaceutical and agro-food companies in order to optimize their R&D lifecycle, decision process and Time-to-market in the development of new compounds addressing nutritional and related metabolic disorders. 





Biomeostasis studies are always conducted in respect with our corporate values :




In order to increase both accuracy and quality of our tests, our experiments are always conducted:

• by experienced scientists with a PhD degree.

• following Standard Operation Procedures that are part of our BIOMEOSTASIS QUALITY INSURANCE (BQI).

• on animals kept in optimal housing conditions and after an adequate period of habituation to housing environment and experimental procedures.

• on homogeneous animal populations, calibrated according to a set of relevant required parameters.

• to provide high resolution and high added-value data  in a strong confidentiality policy.





At BIOMEOSTASIS, we are truly concerned about ethics. Accordingly, our study designs are 3R-compliant:

• METABOpack™ allows a comprehensive characterization of the effects of compounds on a set of relevant parameters related to nutrition and energy homeostasis, on the same set of animals. This allows to REDUCE greatly the number of animal used and therefore, the cost and the duration of the studies.

• Thanks to our cutting-edge technology platform, the METABOrack™, our studies are highly RAFINED and conducted with minimally invasive methods.

• Our studies are performed on the most relevant rodent models allowing the REPLACEMENT of phylogenetically superior species such as dog, cat and non-human primate.





• We provide tailor-made studies for specific needs.

• We assure a permanent dialog and a total transparency with our clients.

• For each project, we assign a totally dedicated project manager.


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